Let me help you live a more creative life

Simple Creative Steps will show you how to create something meaningful.

A life where you get to do the things you really want. One where you can work around any difficulties you may have.

Let me show you what you can achieve.

Hi, I'm Wolfie Crane.

I've always thought that everyone has the right to a fulfilling life. For at lot of people, this means doing something creative.

But, if you're busy or tired, low on energy or restricted in some way, you might need a little help. This is where I come in.

Over the years I've developed strategies that will enable you to get your work done. I can help you choose a meaningful creative project and show you what to focus on to keep it going.

You deserve to be doing something that feels worthwhile.

I want to help you find your creative project, get your work done and fulfill your ambitions. All by using simple creative steps.

So, if you have some great ideas or you’d love to start something creative, sign up to my newsletter below and take those first steps on your journey.

Wolfie Crane

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Live a more creative life.